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Mustang Boss 302

Mustang Boss 302


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    1 Mustang Boss 302 on Tue Apr 16, 2013 6:15 pm

    Mustang Boss 302

    The Boss 302 Mustang is a high performance version of the Ford Mustang originally produced in 1969 and 1970. Ford revived the model for another two year production run in 2012 and 2013. It was produced for the Trans Am racing series.


    The Boss 302 is reproduced as a model and toy, with diecast models including Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Ertl's "American Muscle". It is recognizable by the "hockey" side stripe, rear louvers and chin spoiler. The 1970 is available, but there are also some 4-headlight 1969 models as well.
    Many "Boss clones" have been created out of regular fastback cars due to the expense of the original automobiles.
    In 2007, a pair of restored 1969 Boss Mustangs sold for $530,000.

    2013 Boss 302



    Body Style: Coupe
    Size: Midsize
    Market Segment: Sports, Performance
    Weight: 3632 lbs


    Length: 188.1 in.
    Width: 73.9 in.
    Height: 55.1 in.
    Wheelbase: 107.1 in.
    Ground Clearance: TBD
    Front Track: 61.9 in.
    Rear Track: 62.5 in.
    Weight Distribution: 55/45
    Drag Coefficient: TBD


    Seats: 4
    Passenger Volume: 83.3 cu. ft.
    Cargo Volume: 13.4 cu. ft.
    Cargo Volume (Seats Folded): TBD


    Volume: TBD
    Leg Room: 42.4 in.
    Head Room: 38.5 in.
    Shoulder Room: 55.3 in.
    Hip Room: 53.4 in.


    Volume: TBD
    Leg Room: 29.8 in.
    Head Room: 34.7 in.
    Shoulder Room: 51.6 in.
    Hip Room: 46.8 in.


    Fuel Type: Gas
    Engine Type: 5.0L V8
    Power: 444 hp at 7400 rpm
    Torque: 380 lb-ft at 4500 rpm
    Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
    Highway Fuel Economy: 26 mpg
    City Fuel Economy: 17 mpg
    Forced Induction: None
    Direct Injection: No


    Layout: Rear Wheel Drive
    Front Suspension: Strut-Type
    Rear Suspension: Solid Axle
    Front: 19" Aluminum
    Front Tires: 255/40R-19
    Rear: 19" Aluminum
    Rear Tires: 285/35R-19


    Trailer Weight: TBD
    Payload: N/A
    Tongue Weight: TBD

    Base Price $42,200


    someone didn't know how to drive


    Stats and test drive

    Mustang Gt VS. Boss 302

    (1969-1970) Classic Boss 302

    Engine 301.6-cu-in/4942cc OHV V-8, 1x4-bbl Holley carburetor
    Power and torque (SAE gross) 290 hp 5800 rpm, 290lb-ft4300 rpm
    Drivetrain 4-speed manual, RWD
    Brakes front: solid disc; rear: drum
    Suspension front: control arms, coil springs, anti-roll bar; rear: live axle, leaf springs
    Dimensions: L: 187.4 in, W: 71.7 in, H: 50.4 in
    Weight 3300 lb
    Performance 0-60 mph: 8.1 sec, quarter mile: 15.8 sec at 90 mph, 60-0 mph: 112 ft



    Hope you enjoyed the boss 302! Comment below!


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    2 Re: Mustang Boss 302 on Sun May 19, 2013 10:29 pm


    This is the next car im buying! The 302 is by far my favorite engine that Ford puts out. These new 302 models are gonna be worth more than the current normal GT500s down the road. As quick as Ford brought them back to life they'll vanish!

    Theres a reason the Shelby family isn't putting their John Hancock on the GT500s and thats because Ford is producing too many of them. The Super Snake GT500 on the other hand is gonna be a rare gem.

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    3 Re: Mustang Boss 302 on Sun May 19, 2013 10:40 pm

    These cars are sick! I would take one of these any day! alien

    The Plague has begun!

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    4 Re: Mustang Boss 302 on Tue Jun 11, 2013 1:17 am

    Me too bro! Me too! It's pretty awesome![tag]mustang[/tag][tag]boss302[/tag][tag]wreck[/tag][tag]2013[/tag]


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