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Bates Motel

Bates Motel


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    1 Bates Motel on Sun Apr 21, 2013 11:40 pm

    Bates Motel


    “Bates Motel,” serves as a contemporary prequel to the genre-defining film, “Psycho,” and promises to give viewers an intimate portrayal of how Norman Bates’ psyche unravels through his teenage years.
    Fans will have access to the dark, twisted backstory and learn first hand just how deeply intricate his relationship with his mother, Norma, truly is and how she helped forge the most famous serial killer of them all.
    “Bates Motel” is produced by Universal Television for A&E Network. Carlton Cuse ("Lost") and Kerry Ehrin ("Friday Night Lights") serve as executive producers for Carlton Cuse Productions and Kerry Ehrin Productions respectively.


    "First You Dream, Then You Die"

    Norma Bates and her 17-year old son, Norman move from Arizona into White Pine Bay, Oregon, where they buy a rundown motel after the sudden death of Norman's father and Norma's husband. Norma intends to renovate and reopen the motel in an attempt to build a new life for her and her son. Norman is approached by popular girls at his new school to come and party with them. His mother forbids him to go, but Norman sneaks out from his bedroom window. While Norman is at the party, the former owner of the motel, Keith Summers breaks into the house. Norma tries to defend herself and calls Norman for help. Summers then starts raping Norma, but Norman arrives home in time to knock him out. As he is looking for a medical kit for his mother, Summers regain consciousness and Norma stabs him to death just as Norman is coming down. The duo hide his body in a bathtub of one of the motel rooms. While cleaning the carpet, Norman finds a sketchbook full of drawings that show women being tortured and injected and decides to keep it, then the duo get a visit from two local police officers investigating Summers' disappearance. Later, Norma and Norman dump the body in the harbor, using chains in an attempt to ensure the body will sink. As the episode ends, somewhere unknown, a woman is seen chained to a sink and is injected with a drug.

    "Nice Town You Picked, Norma..."

    Tension arises at the Bates' residence when Dylan, Norma's son from a previous relationship, arrives in need of a place to stay. Outside the house at the bus stop, Norman, Bradley, and his friends witness Bradley's father get into a car accident. When they open the car door they discover he is badly burned. Someone intentionally set Bradley's father's workshop on fire. Keith Summers' truck is found abandoned, arousing suspicion from Sheriff Romero. Norman is partnered up with Emma for an English project. While working on the project in Norman's room, Emma finds, and later analyzes, the contents of the sketchbook Norman has found. As they agree to look into the mystery, Emma kisses Norman. Dylan meets a man who is an employee of Bradley's father, Dylan notices that the man has many 100 dollar bills, he asks how he can obtain that much money in such a small town. Dylan and the man travel to the man's friend and the man's friend asks Dylan if he knows how to use a gun, Dylan replies 'Yes'. In an attempt to distract the police, Norma goes with Deputy Shelby to a town social event. Deputy Shelby suggests to her that the wealth the residents of the town have was earned through illegal means. He implies that the town has an 'eye for an eye' policy. They don't abide to the federal law but to their own created law. At home, Norman fights with Dylan after Dylan makes disparaging comments about their mother. Norman attempts to kill his half brother but Dylan punches Norman in the face. Dylan later persuades Norma into letting him stay by threatening to talk about her late husband, Sam. The next day, Emma and Norman go to the location depicted in the sketchbook. They stumble upon a massive Marijuana field and are chased away by two men armed with guns. As the episode ends, Norma drives and sees a body hanging upside down, burning on fire, in the middle of town, witnessed by many of the townspeople.

    "What's Wrong With Norman"

    Dylan states he has a new job, not mentioning it's guarding the large marijuana field that was discovered. Norman passes out in the classroom while visualizing images of his teacher, Miss Watson, tied up somewhere. At the hospital, the doctor wants to keep Norman overnight for further observation. Norma has to leave the hospital to receive the new carpeting for the motel. While at home, Sheriff Romero presents a search warrant, looking for evidence relating to Keith Summers' disappearance. Norma leaves home with the sheriff and deputies still searching and returns to the hospital. Against the doctor's wishes, she takes Norman home. After returning home, Norman tells Norma that he kept Summer's utility belt which is now missing. Norma tracks down Deputy Shelby. He tells her not to worry and assures her everything will be alright as he then invites her to his house for dinner. Dylan has another talk with Norman who claims that Norma is smothering him but both suddenly start to bond after Dylan sees that Norman was in the hospital. Norma has dinner with Deputy Shelby at his home. Shelby reveals that he took Summers' belt without the Sheriffs' knowledge because he wants to protect and care for her, which results in them making out. Feeling safe, Norma back at home tells Norman what Deputy Shelby proposed to her as Norman claims that he may just be using her. At school, Emma tells Norman her interest in finding out more about the women depicted in the sketchbook he found by informing the police but Norman angrily advises her not to; he then apologizes for his anger. Then while in bed, Norman sees an image of Norma beside him advising him to go search for Summers' belt at Deputy Shelby's house. While searching for the belt, Norman discovers one of the women depicted in the sketchbook locked in the deputy's basement.

    "Trust Me"

    After Norman sees the girl in Deputy Shelby's basement, the Deputy gets home. Dylan follows Norman and sees him break in the house so he rings the doorbell to distract Shelby to give him more time to escape. Norman does escape without being caught but leaves the light on. Dylan asked Norman about the break-in but Norman denied it happened. Norman tries to see Emma at her house but her father tells him that she is sick; the father also tells Norman that Emma has a crush on him and tells him to be decent to her; Norman tells the father he is decent. Later, Norman bonds with Bradley as she grieves over the loss of her father. Norma continues her relationship with Shelby. Dylan sees them leaving a room after sex and Shelby finds out that Dylan is her son. Norman tells Norma he went to get the belt from Shelby's house after she told him to do so. Norma tells him he imagines stuff that doesn't happen sometimes. She doesn't seem to believe him when he tells her about the imprisoned girl either, but next time she's over at Shelby's house she sneaks down to the basement to look for herself. Everything incriminating is gone. Shelby finds her snooping in the basement. Shelby wants to take Norman fishing but he tells his mom he doesn't want to go; she makes him though. Shelby tells Norman he wants them to trust each other and that he wants to take care of them. The fishing trip is cut short when Shelby gets a work-related call over finding a hand of Keith Summers. Norma is picked up for questions but she denies any involvement. Norma is worried they'll find the old motel carpet and match the fibers. Norman tells Dylan the entire story and Dylan agrees to help him then both bond. He also convinces Norman to go see Bradley at her house late at night. Bradley thanks Norman for helping her during the mourning of her father and the two end up sleeping together. When Norma finds out from Dylan that Norman is out with a girl she becomes very upset, with Dylan confronting her about her behavior, stating that he knows enough of what she has done, giving him the right to take Norman away from her to stay with him. As the episode closes, Norma is arrested for the murder of Keith Summers.

    "Ocean View"

    Norman returns home from Bradley's to find out that Norma has been arrested and her bail is $100,000. Norman uses the deed to the motel to post her bail. Norman tells Emma about the girl he found in Deputy Shelby's basement. Later on, Norman and Norma meet with an attorney, Norma proclaims she did nothing and refuses to admit it was self-defense. While driving home, Norma scolds Norman for not being home the previous night and believes Norman does not care for her anymore. Furiously, she tells him to get out of the car. At home, Dylan tells Norman that he will get his own place and proposes that Norman should live with him instead. Meanwhile, Norma meets with Deputy Shelby, he proclaims that he loves her and will fix the problem. At the police station, Shelby gets rid of the evidence that is incriminating Norma. Dylan borrows $5,000 from Ethan, the partner from his new job. Suddenly, a drug addict walks up to them and shoots Ethan. Dylan rushes Ethan to the hospital. Later that night, Norma gets a call from the attorney and is told that the evidence against her mysteriously disappeared, so she is safe from being convicted. Norma knows it was Deputy Shelby who made it happen. Norman tells Emma that he and Bradley are together. Emma tries to convince him that it was just a hook up and was nothing special. Emma tells Norman that she figured out where the girl from Shelby's basement is being held. They travel to Keith Summer's abandoned boat and find the girl depicted in the sketchbook. While driving home, Dylan sees the man who shot Ethan and decides to run him over. Back at the hotel, Norman and Emma try to convince Norma that the girl with them is the girl Norman saw in Deputy Shelby's basement. Eventually, Norma believes them and is disgusted at Deputy Shelby.

    "The Truth"

    Norma warns Emma that some things are best kept to themselves, whilst Dylan asks Norman to move in with him.

    "The Man in Number 9"

    The first guest comes to the Bates Motel; Norman begins to have problems with the "popular" girls.


    Main cast

    • Vera Farmiga as Norma Louise Bates
    • Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates
    • Max Thieriot as Dylan Massett
    • Olivia Cooke as Emma Decody
    • Nicola Peltz as Bradley Martin


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    2 Re: Bates Motel on Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:05 pm


    Things get intense in the latest episode "The Truth"
    here is a preview


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    3 Re: Bates Motel on Sat May 11, 2013 2:39 am

    omg! I watch this show all the time. Did you see the last episode what happened? No wonder Norman goes insane. That kid went through a lot of stuff.

    "That it will never come again is what makes life sweet."
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    4 Re: Bates Motel on Sat May 11, 2013 4:02 pm

    Bates motel is a really good show. I watch this show a lot. It always keeps the suspense up thats for sure. I seriously can't wait till the next episode it is getting weird haha. Neutral did you see how he is learning how to do the stuffed animal thing. it's pretty gross!


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    5 Re: Bates Motel on Fri May 17, 2013 3:45 am

    ya! I agree with you it's getting weird! I'm interested to see what happens to norma! If you saw the new episode, the creepy guy from the hotel is making her give him $150,000 that he thinks she took from the dead cops business. The suspense is at an all time max right now! bounce

    Also I feel really bad for norman... Nobody should ever have to go through what he has experienced. Maybe if he didn't have such an insane mother things would be better. Embarassed

    "That it will never come again is what makes life sweet."
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    6 Re: Bates Motel on Sun May 19, 2013 5:55 pm

    Ya I can't wait for the newest episode. It's tomorrow idk what's gonna happen but it's gonna be different! scratch


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