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Recent Updates


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    1 Recent Updates on Thu Jun 06, 2013 4:22 am

    CI Mod

    Converseit Helper
    Converseit Helper
    What's New?

    - Updated to AWC 1.8 (Details Below)
    - Shop page in beta
    - Quick Tips Button on homepage (For those who need help using converseit)
    - New shop items for profile customization.
    - Pages use new .load to bring pages up faster and neater.
    - Youtube video light-box finished. (pops out youtube video and dims background)
    - Reply Button easier access.

    In Progress...

    - Infinite scroll in topics. (Read more...) button. Dynamically loads page!
    - Fading topic post when scrolling. Working on something for this(Think of how google plus has the transition when scrolling)
    var a = $('.post').get();
        for (i = 1; i < a.length; i++) {
            a[i].style.display = "none";
        a[0].className += " lastVisiblePost";
    - Easy Doc and picture upload system.

    What's new in Avacweb chat?

    VERSION 1.8 (2nd June 2013)
    - New config option added: 'tabs'. Allowing the admin to add more default tabs, similar to that of the 'Public' tab. Additionally, the admin can choose which users can enter that chatroom. Allowing for staff or group chat rooms.
    - New config option added: 'can_open_tabs'. A list of the user ids who have permission to open their own chat rooms in the chatbox.
    - New config option added: 'allow_copyrights'. Please show your support to Avacweb by allowing AWC to display a small backlink to Avacweb. You may disable this if you wish.
    - New command added: '/tab(tabname) message' The command sends a message to a specific tab. If the tab does not exist, the chat room is then opened, if the user has permission to do so.
    - Whether the user is staff or not is now tracked in the user_details object in AWC. Developers can now check if a user is staff within plug ins or code.
    - Custom commands can now be set as 'staff only' commands.
    - Small aesthetic changes to popups.
    - Default design of the chat button has been improved.
    - The AWC event object has been improved to pass on data to event handlers. More info in the development thread.
    - New events added: 'oncommand' and 'onreading' events. More info in the development thread.
    - Tabs have moved to the top of the chat and have been redesigned with a more clean and sleak feel.
    - An easy interface for adding new tabs directly from the chat.
    - Banlist command has been added and improved upon.
    - Config option removed: 'light_up_color' - the chat button will not light up a color when a new message arrive, but instead will receive the classname of 'newmsg', this allows for styling in the CSS instead.
    - New user option added: 'Newest first' - This option allows your users to choose if they want the messages to be ordered by Newest First.
    - New user option added: 'Merge messages' - This option allows your users to choose if subsequent messages by the same user will be merged into one message.

    These are all the current updates and information for development of this site. Post comments below.


    I'm a moderator! "cool story bro, Tell it at parties." Need help... What seems to be the problem?
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