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Golden Corral Dumpster Food?

Golden Corral Dumpster Food?


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    1 Golden Corral Dumpster Food? on Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:53 pm

    Dumpster Food

    In the videos you see below it talks about how golden corral stores their food by the dumpsters while the health inspection is going on inside to avoid getting in trouble. There solution was to put pounds and pounds of raw meat out by the dumpster to hide it from the health inspector and while flies crawl all over them.

    This video seems real enough to believe but their is the possibility that they were going to throw this away and dispose of the food. Thats why it is sitting by the dumpster. But it's raw food who would throw that out?

    Which side do you believe and would you eat at golden corral after seeing this?

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