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Mastermind (The animated Series)

Mastermind (The animated Series)


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    1 Mastermind (The animated Series) on Thu Aug 08, 2013 7:53 pm

    MasterMind Series

    The Mastermind series created by Michael Swain is an animated cartoon with a main character by the name of mastermind. evil genius he is always trying to take over the world and what not. He is one evil mofo and I honestly look up to this guy even though he is animated. scratch He has an army of minions and accomplishes pointless task in his ordnance strikes to take over the planet. His goal to destroy the world and everyone in it.


    Mastermind 2

    Mastermind 3

    Mastermind 4

    Play Mastermind world conquerer here!

    Leave comments below!!!


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