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Titan Fall: A new spin on FPS's everywhere.

Titan Fall: A new spin on FPS's everywhere.


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    1 Titan Fall: A new spin on FPS's everywhere. on Mon Mar 24, 2014 4:30 pm

    Titan Fall

    Titan fall is a whole different type of FPS game and is not like the others we are used to. Titan fall uses titans which are controlled by pilots to give the game some extra edge in the multiplayer gameplay.

    Now when I first heard the concept of titan fall I had concerns with how fair it would be when your titan is destroyed and you are on foot. I thought to myself I would get annihilated in a matter of seconds trying to fight that huge titan but they have taken that into consideration and made it possible for the little guy to be a badass and take a titan down by himself.

    The concept behind the gameplay is absolutely incredible they took a new spin on Multiplayer FPS's by adding a new element into our multiplayer experience.

    At first it reminded me of Mech Assault (2002) which I played on the original xbox a lot with my friends. I found in the split screen mode of this game when your mech died you often had nothing to do and you would just run around as a little person with no weapons at all until somebody squashed you. While it was entertaining it also got boring.

    Titan fall while it reminds me of this game took this into consideration and made it interesting even after the Titan blows up by allowing the player to eject and be able to fight on foot using close combat or weapons to take down their enemies.

    I have been hearing mixed reviews about Titan Fall and some say it is stupid and others say it's amazing. I took a look into the game and I thought myself that the game was very interesting and is trying to bring a new type of FPS to the table for people to enjoy.

    Titan fall offers a range of special attacks to for pilots to take down other pilots or titans themselves. In this video you will see all the epic moves you can do in-game since IGN put together a mashup of all the awesome moments in titan fall.

    IGN's Review of Titan Fall

    IGN's Ryan McCaffery Describes the game as more than just a next step FPS to call of duty everytime you play titan fall it feels like a brand new experience. He said when the titan was ready he began to feel an adrenaline rush and the gameplay started to change from a wall jumping pilot to a walking tank!

    The campaign itself was described as confusing to the point where Ryan couldn't even tell you what the campaign was about. Without a break in the fighting most of the story was reduced to background noise.

    The one thing titan fall has done a great job with is it's balancing act which Ryan mentioned while playing as the titan is great you still can take down the titan with the pilot using it's stealth abilities or agile pilot to bring the titan to shame.

    Watch IGN's Review

    Well there is my view on Titan fall let me know what you guys think of titan fall below!

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    Well... I dont see how it really a change in FPS at alll... eg BF2142 had mec and futur stuff like that. And how you get your "titan" is kind like in homefront you get your stuff like support. It actully remind me lost planet whit the big MEC killing other pepole but in first person. For me it is just another EA selling out game. For me it just look like another FPS like BF3, BF4, and the few new COD... but in the futur...

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    Well I think they have a better balance than the other FPS's out there. It seems like Titan Fall did a good job of making the multiplayer side of the game as fair as they could by implementing different stealth and agility bonuses with the pilot.

    Lost planet was similar in this but it seems titan fall improved on the aspect of making the pilot of the mech more mobile. When you implement something like the mech into a game you have to be careful that it won't be too over powered to the others out their. Plus the size of the game is reduced to a 6 on 6 battle to have more focused combat in the long run.


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