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Wireless Electricity is the future

Wireless Electricity is the future


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    1 Wireless Electricity is the future on Sat Mar 29, 2014 12:15 am


    This is the future of electricity. They are calling it Wi-tricity and the concept behind Wi-tricity is to wirelessly transmit electricity to anywhere in distance from the Wi-tricity device. This will completely eliminate the need for wires in our household and will save people from having to deal with plugging in their electronics.

    Wi-tricity can use repeaters to extent the range of the magnetic field making the distance that it can power devices much greater. 

    How it works

    Wi-tricity transfers energy wirelessly through a magnetic feild to surrounding devices. Many people have asked if this is safe and according to Dr. Katie Hall it is completely safe. Wi-fi routers we use today actually use these magnetic fields to transfer energy.

    What are the benefits?

    • Safe to use
    • Wireless households
    • No more having to plug things in
    • Area device charging

    If all goes well...

    If all goes well with this new technology we can expect to have cell phones charge in our pockets when walking around, tv's flickering through wireless power, car charging and much more. Many car companies will be looking into this technology I am sure.


    My only concern with this type of technology is targeting. The technology targets a specific area and may be hard when trying to control the electric current since it is using a magnetic field to generate the power. This could be an issue when powering a room and not being able to control what devices are effected by the magnetic field. This means that the current will activate all the devices in the area and potentially waste electricity. This would be costly.

    My solution I came up with is that they should come out with some sort of button hookup for devices to be able to ground the current if you don't want to use that device and it will not power that specific device.

    Another idea I had was to be able to have a controllable magnetic field which you can program to be able to target devices and control which devices are on and off with a touch of a remote control.

    Just some ideas to help improve this already great concept.

    This is for their future full house power system that they want to make in later on. Their concept at the moment uses a smaller ranged magnetic field which you can extend with repeaters.


    WiTricity by LAPTOP magazine

    Wireless Electricity - WiTricity Showcase TED 2009 (Edit)

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