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Japanese Mafia launch website

Japanese Mafia launch website


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    1 Japanese Mafia launch website on Thu Apr 03, 2014 3:59 pm

    The Yamaguchi-gumi Launch Website

    The Japanese mafia have decided to launch a new website. Now when you think of crime rings you would not expect this. When visiting their home page it stated "Banish Drugs and Purify The Nation League" Now this is surprising since I wouldn't think this represents a criminal organization.

    The website has a video on entering the home page portraying a tour of the shrine by top echelon members, including its head Shinobu Tsukasa. The video also has a folk-style theme song representing manhood and the life of it's gang members. 

    The website also has pages dedicated to show everyday lifestyle of the Japanese mafia lifestyle. This displays what it is like in the life of a member and you can see in this picture the members are preparing for the new years festival by pounding rice.

    Another thing I saw that got my attention was a car parked on a tombstone probably to commemorate a lost member of the family and is something I have never seen before 

    The gang currently has 25,700 gangsters on standby. They have lost 2,000 members from the previous year according to the police agency. The website most likely means the syndicate is going to expand it's operations.  

    The Japanese mafia gang Yamaguchi-gumi is popular in the crime rings from prostitution to extortion. 

    You can view their website here. 

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