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[Cool] A few things to know about Ci Tokens.

[Cool] A few things to know about Ci Tokens.


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    1 [Cool] A few things to know about Ci Tokens. on Sun Mar 03, 2013 7:54 pm

    CI Mod

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    Converseit Helper
    What are Ci Tokens?
    Ci tokens are used for purchases on the forums. It is a source of currency that unlocks certain items for users. There are many different things you can do with tokens. Ci Tokens are used for shopping throughout the forums. Unlocking special upgrades for users as the get more Tokens.

    How do I get Ci Tokens?
    There are a few ways to get forums points.

    1. Posting on the forums and creating topics.
    2. Adding Friends.
    3. Participate in events on the forums.
    4. Gambling with other members.
    5. Also you can buy Ci Tokens with money by contacting us and donating to our forums.

    Token Rates and Prices

    Topic Messages-
    For creating a topic on the forums you will get 3 Ci Tokens.
    For each post you make on the forums you will get 1 Ci Token.
    For adding a friend you will get 5 Ci Tokens.

    Shopkeepers can build their own shops and sell items they have created to members of the forums. They can sell items that have been approved by moderators and each sale the make they keep the Tokens. You can request to become a shopkeeper by going to the group page and asking to join.

    Ci Tokens Prices-
    V.I.P. Is $7 and comes with 500 Ci Tokens to spend and also unlocks many other features.

    100 Ci Tokens= $2.50
    300 Ci Tokens= $5.00
    900 Ci Tokens= $10.00
    1,500 Ci Tokens= $14.00
    2,700 Ci Tokens= $23.00
    3,000 Ci Tokens= $27.00
    4,000 Ci Tokens= $34.50
    6,000 Ci Tokens= $47.00
    8,000 Ci Tokens= $54.00
    10,000 Ci Tokens= $60.00
    buy more tokens...


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